Clazzio Frequently Asked Questions

I Saw a video on the YouTube where using heat was mentioned to make the install easier. Is this safe?
NO!!! PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR COVERS IN THE DRYER OR USE HEAT IN ANY WAY. This will VOID the warranty, and RUIN your Clazzio Covers. You will have to purchase replacement parts.

Yes, this is a real question, and yes, we now have to put this warning on our FAQs.

Where is my order?
If you'd like to check the status of your order, CLICK HERE Please check your receipt to ensure that you in fact did order from If you did order from Please call us at 855-Clazzio. If your receipt did not come from CLAZZIO.COM please contact your dealer. We will have NO RECORD of your order if you did not order from

Is my credit card information safe?
Yes, Your credit card information is handled by our payment processor, Stripe! They're literally the BEST payment processor ever! None of your information is stored on our servers. This site is also under constant 256 bit encryption 24/7. You will never be transferred or re-directed from our site for optimal security, Unless you choose to pay via PayPal, in which case all data is secured on their servers. We are also a PCI Compliant Merchant.

When I install Clazzio, what will happen to the side impact airbag?
We use thread designed for the side impact airbag. It has been proven that Clazzio does not have any effect on the deployment of the side impact airbag.

How long will it take to receive my kit?
Special order kits consist of any color combination that is not stocked in the warehouse.
After the production stage of your kit it will take 5-7 days for shipping. If the options you chose in our leather kit customization page are in stock your kit will ship immediatly. If your kit is classified as a special order kit, please allow approximately 8-12 Weeks for production. Our Main factory is in Japan, and most of the lead time is in the shipping of the product. You will be notified by email if your kit will be a special order. If you have any questions about your order (contact us). Our kits are hand made and car model specific to ensure a tight and comfortable fit.

You will be notified of your orders status via the email you used at checkout.

Order times can fluctuate... If you'd like to see our current oldest order, Click Here

How long will it take to receive my Special Order?
Clazzio is hand made in factories in Japan, China, India, and some are even made right here in the US. Plans are underway to increase production in the US for 2013 which will reduce shipping time. Special orders are 8-12 Weeks for production / delivery. Production can take longer during the holiday season.(Sometimes up to 16 weeks) If you are unwilling to wait 8-12 weeks DO NOT MAKE A CUSTOM ORDER. We stock Thousands of kits in our warehouse in Torrance California for Immediate shipping. SPECIAL ORDERS CANNOT BE CANCELLED ONCE PLACED WITH THE FACTORY Again, You will be notified by email if your kit is not in stock, and will have to confirm that you are willing to wait.

I dont see my car listed on your site
If you have a car not listed on our site please check back often as the manufacturer is constantly making patterns for new vehicles. When we add new vehicles they are announced on our home page, and on Facebook Here.

My Drivers seat is worn, but the rest of the kit is clean. Can i buy just that seat?
Yes! We can ship any single piece! Someone puncture the seat bottom with their keys? Need a single headrest? Order just that piece! Contact Us for pricing and availability for any piece!

What is included in the kit?
When purchasing a kit from our site everything is included. Front seats, backseats headrests and armrests specific to the model you specified. This includes 3 row vehicles unless specified in the kit description.

What makes your Clazzio Leather Seat Covers better than other manufacturers?
Our leather seat covers are a step up from our competitors. With the quality and easy installation of our kits we hope to set a new bar in the leather industry. Our installations take only 2-3 hours compared to replacements which take anywhere from 2-3 days to install. We also offer our kits at very competitive prices at nearly half the cost of seat replacements.

What is the difference between a re-seller account and a retail account?
Re-seller accounts are for people that are going to purchase a high volume of our kits to re-sell to the general public. These include dealers or custom interior shops interested in our product. Re-seller accounts are offered our kits at discounted rates based on the volume at the time of purchase. Retail accounts are for the general public and are looking to install our kits for personal use.

Is this site secure?
Yes. This site is under constant 256 bit encryption 24/7. You will never be transferred or re-directed from our site for optimal security, Unless you choose to pay via PayPal, in which case all data is secured on their servers.

Can I order by phone?
Of course. If you would like to place an order over the phone please contact our sales team Toll Free @ 1-855-CLAZZIO Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm MST. We do however recommend the use of this site for orders, For its security, and order accuracy, as it's laid out in a very easy manner for choosing the color patterns you desire, along with the exact year, make, and model of vehicle with special options.

Which Material Is Best For Me?

Leather Type
Leather Type
Leather Type
Quilted Type
PVC Type

What is your return policy?

First, we hope you never have to return our products. All of the information about our products can be found on our site, and you can always send emails to us at [email protected]. Or call us at 855-CLAZZIO We want you to be an educated buyer! So don’t hesitate to be clear on what you are buying.

In stock seat covers, heated seats, floor mats, air fresheners and cleaning products.

Upon receiving your item, BEFORE installing, make sure the product is correct. For seat covers, make sure the color and vehicle type are correct. Then use the included checklist and double check that every piece is in the box.

As a customer, you have the right to reject non-specially manufactured goods within a "reasonable time" for cosmetic or quality objections. We define that a reasonable period for an eligible return is within 5 business days of confirmed receipt of such delivery. Absent an affirmative rejection, the UCC will deem delivery of goods to have been accepted. To effect a compliant rejection of delivery of goods, you (the Buyer) must provide with a written notice of any "particular defect which is ascertainable by reasonable inspection." Upon receipt of your notice of defect, will respond either with a letter signifying an intent to cure the defect and/or a formal request for a full and final statement detailing all defects on which you base your rejection.

Once the seat cover is installed, there are NO returns. The manufacturer of the clazzio product, Eleven International, guarantees the fitment of the seat covers. If you install the covers and for any reason have a fitment issue, we will work with you and the manufacturer to find a solution.

Fee Sharing on Shipping Costs
When you receive your seat covers,or other products and you decide you do not want to install them, do not like the color etc.. to avoid this PLEASE order SAMPLES - or call us at 855-252-9946 and we can send you some free of charge.

You CAN RETURN PRODUCTS by following these steps.

1. Contact to see which warehouse the product needs to return to.
2. Return shipping is to be paid BY the customer. You are solely responsible to pay for the cost of such delivery, including any tracking or insurance, as you determine.
3. A restocking fee of 10% will be deducted from your refund on ALL cancelled orders that have already been shipped. (10% is taken from the total of the product plus any shipping costs initially paid on the order)


Custom Orders

A Custom Order defined as ANY seat cover ordered that is 2-3 tone and HAS to be manufactured. A custom order is ALSO any SOLID color seat cover that is NOT a standard color we stock. Some vehicles we only stock a few colors for. If you want a color that we don’t stock, it falls under the rules of a custom order. This is NOT the same as Backorders. Backorders are covers we do stock, that are just currently out of stock.

To place a custom order we REQUIRE a response to our custom order email, or a VERBAL confirmation when placing a phone order. SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS CORRECT WHEN PLACING AN ORDER.

The custom order email explains the CURRENT wait time for the custom order. We also show you the order you placed, so you can check the vehicle information as well as the colors you ordered. If you realize you ordered the wrong vehicle after we process the order with the manufacturer, there are NO REFUNDS on custom orders. Cancellation of the order once we have begun manufacturing a CUSTOM order is not just our rule, but the law as adopted by several states.

Under the Uniform Commercial ("UCC"), when a merchant (i.e. makes a "specially manufactured good" (i.e. custom seat covers), then the contract is valid and enforceable even without an actual written contract. If you place a custom order on our website, and you DO NOT respond to our custom order email or phone calls to attempt an order confirmation, we WILL place your order AS IS after 14 days of non response from you. If you place a custom order on our site, just know you will have to confirm the order! So PLEASE call, or make sure your email is correct!

Since is providing such specially manufactured goods, let us explain how that impacts you (the Buyer). When specially manufactured goods are involved in a contract, the UCC provides that if you fail to make a payment that is due (which may include a credit card charge-back without prior authorization) or if you otherwise wrongfully reject the goods you have purchased, the Seller ( has the right to stop current deliveries, cancel the contract or seek to recover lost profits from the Buyer. Also, because most of the goods we sell are specially manufactured, we further have the right to commence formal litigation against any Buyer who breaches their purchase contract. This cause of action entitles us to the full value of the contract. For example, if you purchase $500 worth of product, but then choose to return an item, which we are unable to resell, due to the specialty qualities you selected when you purchased the product, or attempt a credit card charge back, you will remain responsible to repay the entire $500 contract, even if you tried to return the product. Bottom line, like we said before. No refunds. No cancellation of the order once we have begun manufacturing ON CUSTOM ORDERS.