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Clazzio Dodge Charger FAQ's

Dodge ChargerThe Dodge Charger is a pretty simple vehicle to install our Clazzio leather seat covers in. If you've never installed a Clazzio Leather seat cover before, it should take you around 2.5 hours. Things to look out for: When tightening the strings under the seat, make sure they do not cross any sharp metal, and that they are run above the seat slider frame.

What is included in my kit?

Are my door panels included?

No, but you can order extra PVC or Quilted Materials Here for door panel inserts, and armrests if you'd like.

I don't know what color to order.

If you are unsure which of our covers will best match or compliment your vehicle's interior, Request Samples, or call us at 855-252-9946 for advice, We're here to help!

For my 2011+ Charger, Do I have Round Seats, or Square Seats?
Dodge Charger Round Seats  Dodge Charger Square Seats 

Tips and Tricks
Headrest installation
Clazzio Headrest Clipped Correctly  Clazzio Headrest Clipped Incorrectly