Accidents Happen Protection Plan vs. Manufacturers Warranty


Manufacturers Warranty Protection Plan
Shipping Red X Checkmark
Pet Damage Red X Checkmark
Accidental Puncture Red X Checkmark
Airbag Deploy Red X Checkmark
Rip During Install Red X Checkmark
Spills/Stains Red X Checkmark

Protection Plan Period
The Protection Plan can only be purchased before the product is Delivered. The coverage period will begin running as of the date on which the product is delivered. And will end on that same day in 3 years.

Protection Plan Coverage’s obligations are limited to the repair, replacements and shipping cost allocation as set forth in the Cost and Service Comparison Table set forth above. This Protection Plan is not designed to replace an entire kit. For example: Let’s say you install your Clazzio Seat Covers, and the next day you are in an unfortunate car accident and your vehicle is totalled. Your insurance company can assist you in getting reimbursement to replace your entire kit. We have seen this in the past, and we can help you get the receipt and proof of purchase you need to provide to the insurance company.

Exclusions and Limitations
Notwithstanding the preceding coverage, the following exclusions and limitations apply to coverage under this Protection Plan. Generally, this Protection Plan will only cover those services specifically outlined above. No oral agreement to the contrary will be sufficient to expand’s obligations under this Protection Plan.

Further, this Protection Plan does not apply:
1.) To damage caused by abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes;
2.) To a part that has been modified to significantly alter functionality or capability, or installed on a vehicle type or year where the specific kit was designed for a different type or year, without the written permission of;
3.)If a product is sent in for repair/replacement and determines that nothing is wrong with the product or cannot locate the problem, as described by the customer, the product will be returned to the customer without any repairs conducted and the customer is responsible for the shipping costs. is deemed to be the authoritative expert in determining whether a product in proper working order and’s opinion is final. To save time in this process, we ask for photos of the issue before shipping the product parts back.

Obtaining Protection Plan Service
To obtain service under this Protection Plan we recommend contacting by navigating to and then provide the information requested, including: Customer name, phone number, email, order number, and photos of the damaged product areas. Please allow 24-48 hours for review and response to your initial claim. We are open M-F 9am-5pm Mountain Time.

For Parts to be repaired
If the problem described is covered under this Protection Plan, and the products are capable of repair, as determined by, please place the parts in a box suitable for the part size and submit the box dimensions and weight to will then deliver a FedEx prepaid label, via email. Please affix the label, tape the box securely, and take the package to your nearest FedEx Drop off Location. Please allow 2-4 weeks for parts to be repaired and returned.

For Parts to be replaced
If parts are not able to be repaired, as determined by, the part will be replaced. Replacement parts will be exact color and materials as the damaged parts. Replacement parts cannot differ in their specifications from those originally purchased (i.e. color, materials, etc.) Please remember that provides hand-made products. Thus, please allow 2-16 weeks for replacement parts to arrive in the mail. Protection Plan Pricing

Plan Pricing for Leather, Vinyl, Quilted, and PVC
1 Row Pricing 2 Row Pricing 3 Row Pricing
$59 $79 $99

Plan Pricing for Nappa
1 Row Pricing 2 Row Pricing 3 Row Pricing
$109 $129 $149

Parts Pricing for Leather, Vinyl, Quilted, and PVC
PART Without Protection Plan With Protection Plan
Headrest $40 Each $Covered
SB/SC $40 Each $Covered
Driver/Passenger Seat Back $85 $Covered
Driver/Passenger Seat Bottom $80 $Covered
Rear Seat Back $125 $Covered
Rear Seat Bottom $110 $Covered

TERMS AND CONDITIONS, LLP is a legally organized U.S. business entity focused on distribution of aftermarket vehicle seat covers and other accessories. The Limited manufacturer’s leather seat cover warranty is provided soley by: Eleven International. offers this Protection Plan exclusively for Nappa, Leather, Vinyl, Quilted and PVC Clazzio Seat Covers, as specified by the following terms and conditions;


1. Purpose of Protection Plan. As mentioned above, retains sole discretion to review and either approve or deny any claim submitted for replacement or repair. The Protection Plan is intended for accidental damage. If a customer’s claim history is uncommonly high, reserves the right to investigate potential fraud claims and personally recover from the customer in regards to past claims. This investigation may result in civil, criminal or other penalties. In the event of such legal action, culpable parties will be responsible for the cost of pursuing such legal action, including reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs and value of product fraudulently obtained.

2. Disclaimer of Protection Plan. The Protection Plan is solely the property of, and is not affiliated with the manufacturer of any associated products, Eleven International, or any other product dealers or resellers. This Protection is not an extension or alteration of the manufacturer’s warranty offered by Eleven International and its affiliates. This Protection Plan only provides additional protection options through directly. All claims or information regarding this policy will solely be directed to

3. After this Protection Plan is purchased, the cost is only refundable to the extent that the product conforms to the general refund policy, as outlined on