Air Spencer now available at

At, we’re all about making your car’s interior the best it can be… From Leather seat upgrades, to custom fit floor mats, upgrading your car has never been easier; but why stop there?  Well, now your car can smell as amazing as it looks because we carry Air Spencer by Eikosha, a Japanese air freshener that in our opinion is quite possibly “The best air freshener on the planet.”   Don’t believe us? check Read more…

Clazzio for 2012-2013 Honda CR-V EX/LX Now Available!

Good News! The long wait for the 2012-2013 Honda CR-V EX or LX is FINALLY almost over! The template is complete, and approved for Airbag safety, and is now available for PRE-ORDER! Black, and Gray will be in stock in approximately 8-12 weeks, or you can pre order any color combo you’d like. (also about 8-12 weeks) Place your pre order now to save!!! Call in to 855-Clazzio (855-252-9946) to PRE ORDER 🙂