About Clazzio.com

Clazzio.com is here to provide you with high end car leather kits to maximize the look and feel of your vehicle. With our custom car leather seat cover kits (produced by Clazzio) you’ll get the comfortable slick feeling of leather for a very competitive price. Clazzio’s car leather kits provide you with a comfortable, durable, and less expensive alternative to other major brands without sacrificing quality. When it comes to installing one of these car leather kits you’ll be shocked how simple it is. Replacement car leather kits can take days to install where our car leather kits normally take about three hours. If you’re looking for a great quality car leather kit look no further. We offer two forms of accounts as we are a distributor for these car leather kits. Large business such as dealerships can apply for a reseller account for discounts on all purchased car leather kits. We also offer a basic consumer account for any enthusiast interested in our car leather kits for a great price.

About Clazzio (Our Manufacturer):

Our Leather kits are produced by Clazzio. Founded in April 1995, Clazzio believes the goal which every enterprise should carry is “To create customers and to pursue their satisfaction”. In order to obtain their satisfaction, no compromises in all aspects should be overlooked. To cite one example, if we make a part of our products, an installation manual or package with compromise, customers never feel true satisfaction. “Pursuing customers’ true satisfaction” leads to “establishing true mutual trust with customers”. Then, what is necessary to achieve it? The answer is persistent education for employees. I believe it is important to educate every employee to have higher sense of value and to sympathize customers in a general point of view. For customers’ true satisfaction, I will make my utmost effort to educate employees by making the most of our management resources.

-President Tsuyoshi Itakura

Why Clazzio Car Leather?

Simple. For starters our leather inserts are 100% genuine leather. We use only the finest line of fabrics and leather to ensure customer satisfaction. Our installation is a breeze compared to other major brands without sacrificing quality. On average a consumer would spend nearly one thousand dollars on a comparable leather kit that will take two to three days to install. Clazzio is the same quality leather that literally just slips over your factory seats. Most install kits purchased through our site will take about two to three hours to install for half the cost of other major brands. See for yourself order today!


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