Clazzio Test: Spilling water on the perforated leather. What Happens?

One of the questions we get asked a LOT is,

Q: Why is the insert, PERFORATED LEATHER?

A: The reason the leather is perforated, is for your COMFORT! ¬†The tiny holes, allow the covers to breathe, so the heat is released and your back and butt aren’t sweating on your drive ūüôā

Q: But what about liquids? What happens when something gets spilled on them?

A: Underneath the perforated holes, is a 1/2″ of memory foam. And not just any FOAM.. The seat bottom material is also WATER RESISTANT. ¬†This helps hold the water, giving you time to clean off the seats, before any moisture goes through to your original seats underneath the covers.

Clazzio seat covers on Toyota Prius at the Boat Show

Toyota Prius Clazzio leather seat covers
Toyota Prius Clazzio leather seat covers
Toyota Prius leather seat covers
Toyota Prius Clazzio leather seat covers

This Prius Seat Cover turned out SOOO GOOD!! Beige with Red Leather… Ooh

Installing these Clazzio brand seat covers was easy and we were very happy with the results.

Clazzio seat covers discount for Police, Fire, and EMT

We offer a Clazzio seat cover discount for those who serve our communities.

Clazzio seat cover discount for Police Fire EMT
Clazzio seat cover discount for Police Fire EMT

Clazzio seat covers discount for the Military

Clazzio seat covers Military Discount
Clazzio seat covers Military Discount

My Gift to you from one Veteran to another.  Thank you, to all the Military and the families who support us.  Call 855-CLAZZIO for a coupon and buy a clazzio leather seat covers kit for your vehicle at a discounted price.

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Is your Taxi Cab ready to pass INSPECTION? Clazzio can help!

There are now several states that require your taxi to have some type of Leather, Vinyl, or PVC Seat covers.  Without them, you will fail inspection, and ultimately lose money.  Clazzio is here to help! We heavily stock many popular taxi cab models, such as the Toyota Prius, and Hybrid Camry in single tone leather kits.  PVC kits are special order and will take 10-14 weeks, so we recommend sticking to what we have in stock.  Please call if you would like us to check on what colors we currently have! 1-855-Clazzio

More models now available! is bringing you the latest leather seat covers for your car… To see if your vehicle is available, select your year make and model to the right. If your car is not available yet, please contact us to let us know that there is a demand for your unlisted vehicle. is your number one Clazzio distributor with the best online ordering system to ensure you get the right leather seat cover kit for your car, customized just for you.

Honda leather kits added. has added new Leather seat cover kits for your Honda. New models include Accord, Civic, S2000, CRV, and Fit. We have also added the Dodge Charger!  These Clazzio leather seat cover kits are specifically manufactured to fit each model perfectly.  You can use our site to create your custom leather seat cover kit to match your personality with multiple colors of leather, suede, and stitching.  If you have any questions, feel free to Contact us

SALE! Scion Leather seat cover kits $475 + FREE SHIPPING!

Custom Red leather scion xb install
Custom Red leather scion xb install

Here we have a very nice Clazzio leather seat cover kit installed in a Scion XB. It has a red perforated leather Insert, Black leather body, and red stitching. This leather seat cover kit can be custom made to fit your Toyota or Scion. Currently, we are running a special on all Scion leather seat cover kits. Leather kits are $475 and suede kits are $399. We are also currently offering Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders.

Scion xB Install

Here’s how our Scion leather seat covers look when installed. This Scion xB leather seat cover has the black leather insert, black body, and black stitching. As you can see the Scion xB leather seat covers fit tight to the factory seats making it look as though it was built with leather. The Scion xB leather seat cover kit takes about an hour to install solo. All our scion leather seat covers will fit just as tight. Whether you have a Scion xA, xB, xD, or tC we have the best and easiest to install leather seat covers out there. We also offer our car leather kits for Toyota models as well. Please take a look at our inventory by selecting your year make and model to the right. Our give us a call with the numbers listed here. As always we are sure you will be satisfied with our Scion and Toyota car leather kits.

Scion Leather Seat Covers
Scion Leather Seat Covers