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Our Suede Seat Covers are made with high quality artificial suede. Available colors include Black, Gray, Light Gray, Beige and Ivory. This alternative material is popular those who do not like leather. It also costs less than the genuine leather, plus gives you a great texture look.

Why Suede?

Artificial Suede is durable and helps you stay cool in the heat.
(If staying warm in the cold is your goal, you might want to order one of our heated seat kits.)

Our high quality Suede is a durable material. We offer a 1 Year Warranty on any Suede seat cover.
(See our Warranty Details)

Is The Whole Seat Cover Suede?

No, only the INSERT is Suede. (Middle of the seat where you sit. Back of seat, and bottom of seat)
Why? If the entire seat cover was made out of leather, we would not be able to make the covers fit so tightly over the original seat. *Remember, these are seat covers, not a seat replacement.

What Is The Body and Headrests Made Out Of?

The body of the seat cover is made out of our High Quality PVC. This material is very durable, and has a leather texture and look to it. We use this material for the stretching quality, which allows us to make such tight fitting covers, giving your car a FACTORY FIT, not just a store bought loose seat cover look.

How Thick Are The Seat Covers?

Our seat covers are made with 1/2 inch of memory foam, to give you just a little bit more cushion and comfort, while still looking factory tight! Your behind will be rather happy.

How Do I Install The Seat Covers?

For most vehicles, a typical install will take about 2-3 hours. Some vehicles require cutting the PVC around certain seat pieces, such as the Lumbar Support Knob, or the Power Seat Control Panel.

For tips and instructional videos on installation
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Can I Have a Trained Professional Install My Seats?

Maybe. :) Depending on where you are. You can always give us a call at 855-CLAZZIO and ask us questions. We can also direct you to your nearest Authorized Clazzio Dealer who can assist you with your install. Prices range anywhere from $100-$500, depending on vehicle type and heated seat install.

How Do I Keep The Suede Clean?

Simple. Use a damp cloth with warm water to wipe your Suede Seat Covers Clean. Or use a product called "SPOT" by international aero products