Fall Clazzio SALE!

For the next 45 days, car-leather.com will be selling  all 2 row Clazzio  leather Seat Covers for only $450!

Also, Check out the new color options!

We have added Light Gray Perforated Leather, Suede, and Body.  We also added Light Gray and White Stitching!

The light gray matches more closely to the newer light gray interiors most manufacturers are using. Request Clazzio Color Samples Here!

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Leather Seat Covers

Car-leather.com is excited to announce the arrival of the Clazzio leather seat cover kits for the new Camaro! The guys @ Clazzio have been working hard to bring new leather seat cover kits to the market. You can custom order your leather seat covers for your Camaro any way you would like… Check out our customization page!

Leather seat covers for Lexus!

Coming soon to our collection of leather seat covers are the Lexus gs300 and gs400 leather seat covers, and lexus sc300 and sc400 leather seat covers.

About Clazzio (Our Manufacturer):

Our Leather kits are produced by Clazzio. Founded in April 1995, Clazzio believes the goal which every enterprise should carry is “To create customers and to pursue their satisfaction”. In order to obtain their satisfaction, no compromises in all aspects should be overlooked. To cite one example, if we make a part of our products, an installation manual or package with compromise, customers never feel true satisfaction. “Pursuing customers’ true satisfaction” leads to “establishing true mutual trust with customers”. Then, what is necessary to achieve it? The answer is persistent education for employees. I believe it is important to educate every employee to have higher sense of value and to sympathize customers in a general point of view. For customers’ true satisfaction, I will make my utmost effort to educate employees by making the most of our management resources.


That’s right, the demand for domestic vehicle seat covers has brought you what you’ve wanted!! FORD MODELS are very quickly on their way to the market! Send us an email and put in your order today! Check back with us for more updates. A complete model list, as well as other vehicles soon to come. Visit Legendary Leather for more information.